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The Demise of the Original Company (1 min)

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By 1975, several partners in North-West Expeditions were suffering financially.  

The summer time raft tours were consuming much of their time, and incurring significant loss of income from their trades/professions. The company was no longer viable. With the loss of partners, the company equipment was sold and the business was wound up. 

The partners drifted back to their old or new careers. 

David Rowe went on to finish his Master’s degree in Educational Psychology and later his Ph.D. Dr. Rowe had five and a half years of hospital practice as a clinical psychologist in psychogeriatrics. After leaving hospital service he entered private practice limiting his practice to assessment. The largest part of his practice was as a clinical neuropsychologist. 

He retired in March 1997. Dr. Rowe and his wife Agnes van der Klaauw, who has a Master’s degree in Nursing, continued to canoe and enjoy other outdoor activities.

– Dr. David Rowe

Riverman Dr. David David Rowe a few years before he became a doctor of psychology - North-West Expeditions

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