North-West Expeditions

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There’s a certain measure of freedom that’s very important to me.
– Riverman Dr. David Rowe (AKA Dad)

This site shares stories about Dad’s expedition company from the ’70s , how we brought aspects of that company back to life to celebrate around dad’s 80th birthday, and is a place for some of my other writing.

Would you travel to one of Canada’s greatest and most northern rivers on a 530 kilometre exploratory quest through the wilderness with only some used rafts, a few paper maps, and two friends ?

In 1973 our Dad, David Rowe and a buddy, did that and it led him to start the first guiding company on the Nahanni River. Over 300 miles (if you prefer imperial) in a time when technical gear was Adidas runners, jeans and a wool sweater.

No GPS. No Cellphones. Just a crazy idea that regular people would want to see the true wild, and what use to be called gumption. 

I hope you take 5 minutes to read about it. North-west Expeditions was the first guiding company to bring clients down the Nahanni, which is now a UNESCO world heritage site. Dad’s story is a reminder to try incredible things, chase dreams, and get outside

And this isn’t a memorial. Dad’s doing well. He’s on the computer more than the river these days, and he still cries when he laughs.

Click around. Headers tell you how long each bit is, and there aren’t any adds.

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Dad in his famous to us orange Anorak unloading a float plane.