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North-West Expeditions

Based in Vancouver, Canada we offer clothing, and gear, we love and hope you will too.  

Founded by our Dad, Dr. David Rowe (the original River Man), North-West Expeditions brings the outfitting company he led in the 70s back to life.

Using Dad's original hand drawn logo, we offer classic products inspired by his design and the stories we grew up with.

North-West Expeditions: Made for These Moments 

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Our company was inspired by our Dad, Riverman Dr. David Rowe.
We know him well, but you probably don’t yet. This is his story, as written by him.
We hope you enjoy it.

"Beginning at age five, David was wandering the forests and hills around a small settlement at Cline, Montana. He had a year-old brother and his mother was pregnant with the soon to arrive another brother. It seems that it did not occur to his mother that there was danger from bears or cougars in Montana, perhaps because his mother grew up in Tennessee rather than the West."

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(noun) a journey or voyage undertaken by a group of
people with a particular purpose, especially that of exploration. 

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