North-West Expeditions

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There’s a certain measure of freedom that’s very important to me. I find it preferable to work eighteen hours a day on the river than a nine to five job.

Riverman Dr. David Rowe (Dad)

Would you travel to the boarder of the Yukon and the Northwest Territories with a friend, some used rafts, and paper maps to figure out a 530 kilometre path down one of Canada’s greatest and most northern rivers? 

Our Dad, David Rowe, did, and in 1973 that led him to start the first guiding company on the Nahanni River. 

No GPS. No Cellphones. Just crazy ideas and, what an older person than me might call gumption. 

That story and others are collected here to celebrate Dad and share some of my other writing. 

I hope you’ll click around. Each pages will tell you how long the read is so you know what you’re in for, and there aren’t any adds. This isn’t an exercise in click bait, or padding content to place adds. 

It’s just writing and stories that I love. 

I hope you like them too.