I Have A Manuscript

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…that I am currently revising. Writing it the first couple of times was the easy part (laughing face emoji). The book’s title is Sick! An Adventure Story. You can read the first page (chapter) here.

When lying sick in bed I have often imagined the internal battle raging to fight off the invaders. In my mind (at the time) immune cells were like World War One soldiers on the Front (Western or Eastern depending on your Point of View) huddled against the cold, the odds stacked against them. Somehow that is comforting to me, and it’s more fun to imagine than just feeling sorry for myself until the fever breaks.

More than 10 years ago my girlfriend and I were driving from Toronto to Montreal to get engaged on her birthday (I knew, she didn’t, it has worked out marvellously). On that drive I sketched out a book for kids that I wanted to write about being sick. The book would star immune cells.

In 2020 the obvious happened at a time when I am finally old enough to manage my time effectively (ish). Taking advantage of no longer having a commute I started writing a bit each morning, and more on weekends.

Zoom, suddenly I finished wrote a book.

I really like it.

My son, who reads more than anyone I know, says it’s good and is asking about a sequel. His school librarian says there is nothing like it (in a good way) and he suggested it should have a map, so I made one.

I’ve started reaching out to agents, and who knows if that will work out. I hear it’s a bit of a slog 🤣. No matter what happens it is so fun to write again! I am lucky to have found a way to bring writing daily back into my life (hence all the Hell’s Kitchen articles and more).

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