North-West Expeditions FloatKit (Floating First Aid Kit) in Water and Kelp
North-West Expeditions Float Kit (Floating First Aid Kit) on rocks with beach
North-West Expeditions Float Kit (Floating First Aid Kit) contents

NWE Float Kit (First-Aid)

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We love our Floatable First Aid Kit. Hopefully, you never have to use it. 

It is small, super light, looks great, holds more than you think and, obviously, it floats. 

What Dad Said

Here’s how Dad described the sample we sent to him. “A nice kit, good work, Love, D." 

Dad was insistent that people know how to use the things inside. There’s no point in carrying a First Aid Kit around if no one knows what to do. 

These videos from St. Johns Ambulance demonstrate two of the most common uses for key contents of NWE Float First Aid Kit: How to use a Triangle Bandage to Make a SlingHow to Bandage a Hand

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5 x 3-Inch Adhesive Bandages for blisters, small cuts, slivers. Protect them so they don’t get worse. 
4 x Alcohol Pads to clean and disinfect. Good for blood, sap or cleaning your knife after cutting sandwiches.
1 x Sponge/Compress (non-woven lint-free and hypoallergenic) for a large cut or scrapes. Use this with the PBT Bandage.
1 x PBT bandage durable soft elastic bandage for holding down the compress over larger bleeds or scrapes. 
1 x Triangular Bandage can be used in many helpful ways:  making a sling, a pad to control bleeding, immobilizing sprains or broken bones, keeping a dressing in place or maybe just carrying fruit.
2 x Safety Pins mostly for securing the triangle bandage, but also useful for getting out slivers, popping blisters (mostly you shouldn’t) or fixing clothes. 
1 x Roll of Paper Tape (lightweight and hypoallergenic) for gentle, but secure adhesion especially on sensitive skin. You could probably use it to wrap or secure other things.
1 x Small Scissors for cutting paper tape or PBT Bandage (gauze). Also goof for opening snacks, cutting off annoying tags and children's crafts.  
1 x  Lanyard to tie the case to a back pack, help make a sling, tie a tourniquet or play with a cat. 


Triangle Bandage

Make a sling, bandage a wound, carry fruit, wear a bandana. 

Float Kit

In our tests even a cracked Float Kit floats for at least 10 minutes. Odds are it floats a lot longer, but that's as long as we have tested it. 

After about 5 minutes tiny amounts of water may leak into the case. It floats, it is water resistant, but not 100% water-proof. For this reason we recommend you keep the kit's contents in original packaging until needed. 

The Fine Print

Most of the kit contents are in packaging to keep them sanitary, leave them in these packages until you need to use them.

NWE Float First Aid Kit meets FDA requirements.

It looks stylish and it floats, but remember to replenish it (any First Kit) after use.  

If you can figure out a way to stick tweezers in they are a handy thing to have on a trip.

About First Aid Kits

You should have more than one first aid kit. Have a comprehensive one at home, another in the car and a couple of these to travel with. 

The NWE Float First Aid Kit is a great option.

If you are regularly doing fun things outdoors you should get first aid training. 

So buy one, take it with you, and hopefully you never need it.