Steven Rowe - Bio

Steven Rowe in his natural element - North-West Expeditions skiing photo

Living, working and playing in the bush has been a constant factor in Steven's life. 

Steven grew up learning his Dad's bush skills and still applies them today as an avid camper, hunter, gatherer and all round general outdoor sports enthusiast.  As an accomplished paddler, Steven has navigated dozens of rivers in Alberta and BC by canoe, raft and kayak. 

Although landlocked in Calgary, a love of the water has opened new horizons of adventure to him, including sailing and as an open water diver exploring what lies just off the Pacific coast of North America.

Steven has been skiing since he can remember and these days, during the winter, you can find him guiding ski tours in Banff National Park.  When he's not working with clients, he's exploring the back-country and getting fresh turns on untouched cold smoke powder snow.  Come May, when the snow's all melted up, Steven pulls out his mountain bike and heads to the downhill and cross country trails of Bragg Creek and Kananaskis country. 

Living on the western edge of Canada's Rockies certainly has its privileges! 

These days, Steven is seeking to build on his wilderness chops by spending time with and learning from Indigenous Elders and knowledge keepers.  By truly learning to live in harmony with the land, Steven continues to realize his passion for nature that Dad started all those years ago. 

Steven Rowe - North-West Expeditions wearing Simple Cotton Tee