Ian Rowe - Bio

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Ian Rowe Owner North-West Expeditions in Icon Tee

Ian got his first paddle when he was around 5 years old. He's been paddling on and off ever since.

He grew up canoe camping on rivers in Alberta, mostly the North-Saskatchewan, though also the McLeod, Clearwater and others. This is where he learned to make a fire in the rain, paddle through rapids, basic strokes like braces and draws, and generally to be useful around a campsite. 

When he was 18 he spent a summer as a canoe guide in Jasper where he mostly took Brits in their 60s down a still section of the Athabasca River on a voyager themed trip. The guides wore sashes, had 12 to 13 people per boat and stood at the back using 9 foot paddles telling jokes.

It was in Jasper that Ian learned to Kayak. He bought an old river kayak from a friend and learned to roll, and surf waves. He's since cooled it a bit.  

After a time in Toronto, Ian now lives in Vancouver where he paddle boards regularly in English Bay, kayaks off of Jericho and snowboards in the local mountains. In 2018 he spent a week on a boat learning to sail. He likes to go out rain or shin and loves a windy wavy day. 

If you're in Vancouver hit him up for a paddle or trip down the hill. 

Here is picture of Ian in the prototype for our (Famous-to-us) Orange Anorak. 

Ian Rowe - Owner North-West Expeditions in the Famous-to-us Orange Anorak Prototype

Read Steven's Story | Read Dad (David Rowe's) Story