Famous-to-us Orange Anorak

You might have an amazing rain jacket that is a little too extreme to wear to the gym, or a super comfortable bomber jacket that gets wet in a second and would tear on a branch. So, you either spend a bunch of money on a bunch of different jackets, or you almost never have the right layer for what you’re doing.  

North-West Expeditions Famous-to-us Pullover Orange Anorak is being designed for function, versatility and style. 

North-West Expeditions Famous-to-us Orange Anorak - Medium Prototype

Built to wear down the street or up the mountain, it might not be your only outwear, but we think it will be your favourite. And, since you can wear it in all sorts of situations, having one Famous-to-us Orange Anorak will save you from buying and storing a bunch of other jackets. 

Close Up of North-West Expeditions Famous-to-Us Orange Anorak medium with zipper prototype

Our Dad, Riverman Dr. David Rowe has had an amazing Orange Anorak for over 40 years. These things are built to last. It has been to the North-West Territories, Wyoming, the Dakotas, Alberta, British Columbia and more. It has weathered, well, the weather, been pulled at by branches, mucked up, thrown around and it is still kicking. 

The original Orange Anorak

We are bringing that same quality, functionality and durability to you in a pullover you can wear more often. It’s not every day that you’re braving the forest or mountains. So we are updating the design for drizzly days in Vancouver, walks to the beach, trips to the store, regular daily life. 

North-West Expeditions Famous-to-us Orange Pullover Anorak is being prototyped now.

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