Founded by Riverman Dr. David Rowe (aka Dad)

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It all started with a scouting trip down the Nahanni River - 529 kms (328 miles) down an unknown river with paper maps, two friends, and a couple of rafts.

The years that followed were a pretty amazing time in our Dad's life, and have forever influenced ours. We hope our story connects with you and your family too. 

Founded and led in the 70s by our dad, Riverman Dr. David Rowe, North-West Expeditions was a rafting/guiding company in the North-West of Canada.

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I count myself very fortunate... and quite happy that I have the privilege of doing this and sharing it with other people who would otherwise not experience it. 

Founder Dr. David Rowe (Dad)

There’s a certain measure of freedom that’s very important to me. I find it preferable to work eighteen hours a day on the river than a nine to five job.

Founder Dr. David Rowe (Dad)

Dad setting up camp/1976

Morengo Creek

The Brothers

Dad inspired a love of nature, a desire to get on the water, get out for a hike, a ride, a whatever. Regardless of the activity, he inspired us to go do cool things outside.

Guiding has been a shared experience between the three Rowe men.

Steven currently spends his winter weekends as a ski host in the Rocky Mountains, and Ian was a canoe guide on the Athabasca River in Jasper National Park when he was eighteen. 

These days Ian’s outdoor activities are mostly bike rides around town, paddle boarding and kayaking in English Bay, snowboarding local hills, and the occasional easy hike.

Steven on the other hand, is out in the wild, exploring remote islands, diving of the coasts of Canada and Mexico, and exploring the Canadian Rockies on a mountain bike or skis. 

Dad, or at least his original stencilled logo and stories, have always present in our adventures. To this day we still talk about canoeing the Nahanni and he still wears his famous-to-us logo stencilled orange Anorak. 

The Famous-to-us

Orange Anorak

So Here We Are

The Journey Now

Words to Live by