George Scooter and Dall Sheep (1 min)

This is a super short story from Dad. 

Dad, my brother and I (Ian) live in different cities (I’m in Vancouver, Dad in Edmonton and my brother in Calgary). We’ve not always been the best at staying in touch, but since starting the company we get these tiny stories from Dad on the regular.

These tiny stories are one of the reasons we (re)started North-West Expeditions. We wanted to connect more frequently, and deeply, with Dad and things he wants to talk about. And it’s working.

If you want to know the kinds of things that jump into the mind of an old naturalist here is a sample. He loves sharing these, and we are happy to listen.

If you don’t already, check in with your dad, mom, step-mom, aunt, step-dad, etc to hear some of their old stories.

You’ll be glad you did (and so will they).

Here’s the (very) short story about sheep

On one of our trips we meet George Scooter, a well-known ornithologist, and some of his students in Dead Man’s Valley (south side of Nahanni) and Prairie Creek (north side) .

We got to talking, and he told us when we were likely to see Dall sheep.

He pointed to a bluff on the east side of Prairie Creek, and told us that two days after a rain, one would likely see sheep on that bluff, because there was a salt lick there. But it took two days for the rain to percolate down through the soil and leach to the surface.

And we were there two days after a rain, and sure enough there were a lot of ewes and lambs, but no rams on our visit.


Climb to Valerie Cave where there are many skeletons of Dall Sheep - North-West Expeditions

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