The word “expedition” is in our name (odds are you noticed).


But, we don’t take people on expeditions. We don’t do any guiding at all. 


We have. 

On Sundays Steven is a Ski Host in Banff. When he was eighteen, Ian was a Voyageur Canoe Guide for a summer in Jasper, and Dad, Riverman David Rowe, started this whole thing with the original North-West Expeditions Limited. 


Maybe “expedition” is the wrong word. It means: 

A journey undertaken by a group of people with a particular purpose, especially that of exploration, research, or war.


Exploration, of what where?

Research, of?

War, against? 


A lot of the words in that definition mean more than their own definitions. They carry a lot with them. “Purpose” sounds big, focused. “Journey” sounds epic. Etcetera. 


These meanings are stoppers. For most people, reading them halts action. We live in a world where it can -often is- hard to send an email. Not even a hard email. An email to a friend about seeing a band, or saying yes to tickets, or … sometimes tiny things are hard. So wrapping our heads around an “expedition” seems like a big deal.


If we zoom out -way, way out- this is a phenomena we have all experienced that extends too many parts of our lives. There are a ton of blog posts about waking up early, winning the day, being all you can be, reaching your potential, being more than normal, hacking your life. You know the kind. (Maybe) These (maybe) well meaning articles do not help. Snapshots of a perfection that for most doesn’t exist, and for those who have it, exists at a higher cost than they may care to admit, or recognize. Maybe I’m just jealous. 


The point is: if writing an email can be hard, going on an expedition, or journey, might as well be impossible. 



The other night my friend Jordan messaged.


“Wanna get a drink with Kev”


It was “late”. 10:30 or something on a Thursday or Wednesday or Tuesday. My wife and I were watching Netflix. Staying sounded better, or at least easier and quite nice. 


But “Kev” is my brother in law. At this point, just my brother. Jordan is one of his (and my wife’s) oldest and best friends. We hadn’t all been together in a long time, and Kevin, specifically, had been out of town for work a lot. So, yeah, I wanted to get a drink wth Kev, but not then, not at that moment. 



A journey undertaken by a group of people with a particular purpose, especially that of exploration, research, or war.


A Journey

What if that just means: going somewhere, physically, emotionally or mentally or any combo of all three?


A Group of People

If you are every with anyone other than yourself, you are with a group of people.  


Particular Purpose

Drinking beer, getting fresh air, conquering an island, needing to poop, these are all particular purposes. 



Discovering, or trying to discover, something or someplace new. 



Learning and experimenting to figure things out, or not. 



Terrible, but at the base, a conflict. 



Going somewhere with this small group of buds for the purpose of re-connecting and drinking drinks. Sounded impossible. Felt impossible. 


But that purpose… That purpose of seeing people I care about, who I haven’t seen in a long time, of reconnecting, of doing a thing with a few people with an intent. That was compelling. 


And so I went.


I went on my expedition, and it was great.


Expedition is a daunting word, but at times life, event writ small, is daunting. We do it anyway. We see our friends. We climb (or jump) into the cold water. We drive to that place. Daily we go on journeys with a group of people for a particular purpose, and we are better for it. 


Expeditions is the right word. 


This is a journey of discovery. We’re on it together. 


We hope you will join us, and inspire others, to join you.